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TCS' STEM Initiatives in the NA Region

In line with our strategic objective to be a responsible corporate citizen, our constant endeavour is to reduce the impact from our operations to the environment.


Surya Kant, President, TCS North America, UK & Europe, TCS

“We take pride in our societal role in the US and Canada, where our Corporate Social Responsibility programs, partnerships, and collaborations create an incredible impact on national issues. TCS has a distinctive culture of volunteerism and our employees play an active role contributing to the development of the communities where they live and work.”

- Surya Kant, President, TCS North America, UK & Europe, TCS



TCS’ approach to corporate social responsibility is driven by its strategy to create “Impact through Empowerment” around its commitment to the TCS global thematic areas of health, education and planet. We serve local communities through programs, partnerships and initiatives that reflect national issues that are most pressing in the US & Canada.

We use a four-tier engagement model:

  • Utilizing IT to solve large-scale societal problems
  • Volunteering for projects that address felt need in local communities
  • Partnering with nonprofits, governmental bodies and clients
  • Supporting large scale disaster relief efforts

Health & Wellness

Health & WellnessTCS directs its CSR efforts to support health and wellness by identifying issues of the greatest concern to a particular geography. Heart disease is the number one cause of mortality in the US and number two in Canada, followed by cancer and diabetes. As an employer of more than 23,000 IT professionals in North America, we are aware that the consequences of a more sedentary office lifestyle and an overall trend of less physical activity are staggering.

TCS partnered with the American Heart Association (AHA) as a National Corporate Team Walk Partner to reduce heart disease. This partnership gives TCSers the unique opportunity to participate in American Heart Start! Walk in local communities nationwide, raising funds for research and building awareness on how to reduce the risk of heart disease.

In FY’13, nearly 1,600 TCSers participated in AHA events across the country. Employees participated in 27 Start!Heart walk events, fundraising over $23,000, including the TCS matching contribution.

At TCS, we lead by example. The Fit4Life program creates an environment of competitive fun for our employees and inspires a culture of fitness.  Employees are encouraged to create teams and pledge a certain number of kilometers of physical activity that they will do. They track their fitness activity (run, swim, bike, brisk walk) and log in the kilometers through the App or portal. For every kilometer logged by employees, TCS donates to AHA, creating shared value for employees, communities, and the company. 

TCS is also a sponsor and a technology partner of the New York and Chicago Marathons. We build technical interfaces for the athletes and engages with runners, friends and family to share our commitment to health and fitness.

STEM Education & Technology Inclusion

STEM Education & Technology InclusionThe need for STEM education in the US is urgent. As a leading IT services provider, we recognize that our company’s future — and that the nation’s increasingly knowledge-driven economy — depends upon more Americans with STEM skills entering the workforce each year. Public policy makers in Washington, DC and around the country are focused on ways to improve STEM education as a coordinated national effort. 

In addition to honoring Tata’s heritage as a reliable corporate citizen, we will build a stronger pipeline of future talent and more employable STEM professionals. Internally, the TCS North America STEM council will provide direction; act as advisors and champion education initiatives for maximum client and workforce engagement. We offer innovative solutions, working with our clients and other industry leaders to jointly address STEM programs regionally. By working with national partners and strategically engaging with community organizations that can multiply programmatic impact, TCS will improve employability of future STEM workers, create new talent for TCS nationwide and gain higher visibility as a corporate community partner.

Learn more about TCS’ initiatives for STEM education and technology inclusion.

Conservation & the Environment

Conservation & the EnvironmentAt TCS, we are committed to environmental citizenship and lowering the environmental impact of our operations by applying the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Partnering with our local client offices, we advocate for leadership and climate change mitigation through our commitment to reduce GHG emissions and lower our carbon footprint. Where possible, we utilize green infrastructure and office space and practice resource efficiency by reusing materials. We also encourage each associate to recycle. We are committed to conservation and volunteering efforts through our local partners.

In times of regional or national crisis, TCS supports large-scale disaster relief efforts. We partner with the American Red Cross in the US and the Canadian Red Cross in Canada to enable our employees to come together to support rescue, recovery and rehabilitation services.

On October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy made landfall, causing wide spread flooding, power outages and devastation up and down the US eastern seaboard. TCS partnered with the American Red Cross (ARC) to support relief efforts through company matched donations through a TCS-ARC microsite. The funds were used to provide relief to affected communities and support first responders. TCSers responded overwhelmingly, with over 375 employees donating $17,750, for which TCS provided a 100% matching donation, for a total contribution of $35,500. 

Following the Boston Marathon tragedy in April 2013, TCS supported the people of Boston and helped them recover by encouraging TCSers to support relief efforts by contributing to The One Fund Boston. This charity was established by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred during the marathon. TCS provided a 100% matching contribution for employee donations, for a total contribution of $6,700. In the weeks after the Marathon, through the incredible generosity of thousands of individuals, foundations and corporations, One Fund Boston raised more than $60M for the victims and the families.
Days of service are recorded when employees help through volunteer clean-up drives, tree planting and home builds. We also support conservation efforts at the National Underground Freedom Center, Habitat for Humanity, the Battery Conservancy and the Kennedy Center. Our efforts have resulted in an increased awareness of environmental issues, adoption of green initiatives at the workplace and financial contributions at a national level.

Honors & Recognition

  • Best Corporate Steward Award Honoree at the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Business Civic Leadership Center 2013 Citizen Awards (Other honorees were UPS, Capital One, Office Depot)
  • Employee Volunteering Program Honorable Mention Award at the 2013 PR News CSR Awards
  • The Community Corps Corporate Champion Award April 1, 2014
  • Gold Stevie Award at the 2014 American Business Awards, June, 2014
  • External Community Initiatives, TCS-Maitree Branch of the Year June, 2014 

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