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We seek researchers who will advance our work in the core research areas, create R&D assets and enhance the visibility of organizational capabilities.

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Watch our researchers speak about their research experience at TCS.



Research Café

Research Café is a new pre-hiring format adopted by TCS Research to engage with potential research candidates. Research Café will provide the right opportunity for potential research candidates to meet and interact with TCS’ scientists and hold intellectually stimulating discussions with them on a topic of choice. It will also provide interested candidates an unparalleled view of a career with TCS Research and an industrial research career in general.

Research Café will be limited to select prestigious technology conferences and premier campus technology festivals. Look out for the next Café announcement! Tweet with #TCSInnovation and join the conversation.

Research Environment at TCS

The labs provide an intellectually stimulating environment. They provide a mix of the institutional wisdom of a large and longstanding enterprise and the energy of a start-up. TCS was one of the earliest companies to start a lab dedicated to software and process research. Our labs continually interact with projects worldwide and the various domains TCS operates in, to understand problems, take on challenging assignments and shape solutions.

Work happens in both core and multi-disciplinary areas. There is cross pollination between labs and scope for role diversity. The labs are equipped with all the facilities required for research in each area. We regularly file patents from our labs. View the current focus in our Research Areas in labs distributed worldwide.

Connect to the Ecosystem

Being in a happening place within the software industry does not cut off researchers from academia and other research institutions. In fact, TCS has created a network that links its labs to the innovation ecosystem. The TCS Co Innovation Network is anchored at TCS Innovation Labs and connects to entities such as academic institutions, start-ups, venture funds, strategic alliance partners and multi-lateral organizations. We regularly conduct and participate in numerous events that provide a forum for an invigorating exchange of ideas.

Learning and Growth

Operating in a rapidly changing environment, we, at TCS, understand, and, in fact, emphasize on a continual upgrade of skills and learning. Other than the lab environment, the following diverse learning opportunities are available:

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Watch the Video on what our Researchers have to say about the research environment at TCS.


Journey of Discovery

In this video, K Ananth Krishnan, CTO, TCS, discusses how intellectually stimulating it is to lead TCS Research. His team of research leaders also share their research experiences and areas of interests.


TCS Research Scholar Program – Scholars' Testimonial

TCS’ Research Scholar Program (RSP) fosters higher learning and research in computer science and related areas. Watch this video where scholars from premier educational institutes across India share their experience about TCS RSP.