White Papers

Emerging Technology Trends - A Venture Capitalists’ Perspective

TCS Innovation Forum 2013 |The TCS Innovation Forum hosted a panel discussion with participants from leading venture capitalist (VC) firms. This white paper brings you detailed excerpts.



Enhance your thermal efficiency by using TCS developed Nanocoolants. Enjoy benefits like process improvements, cost reduction and a lower environmental footprint.


Enterprise Information Fusion and Nextgen Analytics

In this video, Dr. Gautam Shroff VP, TCS, and Head, TCS innovation Labs – Delhi, explains how information from various sources inside and outside the enterprise should fuse to derive predictive insights toward customer delight and assess any likely impact to the organization’s business.


The Scoop - Future of sourcing

This podcast is part of the Scoop, a technical panel discussion, of MISAustralia Financial Review, a magazine that targets CIOs and technology leaders.