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Customer Intelligence & Insights for Banking & Financial Services


Build more loyal, profitable customer relationships, optimize operating costs and meet regulatory requirements with TCS’ Customer Intelligence & Insights Software Solution for Banking & Financial Services.

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The Banking & Financial Services (BFS) industry has undergone tremendous change. Competitive pressures along with customers’ expectations to ‘get more for less’ mean that BFS companies must deliver superior, competitively-priced customer experiences while optimizing operating costs and meeting regulatory requirements.  

TCS’ Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) Solution for Banking & Financial Services helps BFS companies reorient their enterprise to better serve their customers while boosting operational efficiencies.

The TCS Advantage

Tailored for the BFS industry, CI&I for Banking & Financial Services is a fully integrated, out-of-the-box solution that provides the in-depth customer insights needed to get closer to each and every customer. 

The CI&I Solution for Banking & Financial Services is made up of pre-integrated software and solutions configured to address financial institutions unique challenges while providing accelerated time to value. Our plug-and-play modules can be purchased separately, or as a comprehensive solution

What TCS Provides

Platform Modules

The CI&I platform modules address three functional areas: Core Functionality, Data Management, and Analysis & Reporting.

  • Core Functionality Modules: Data Induction Platform and Delivery Engine —collects structured and unstructured data from various sources including network, social, billing data, etc. and delivers the data in predefined templates.
  • Data Management Modules: Data integration, Retail Data Mart, Big Data, and Real-time Data Processing — provide data integration services, data validation services and Big Data processing. 
  • Analysis & Reporting Modules: Ad-hoc Reports & Data Visualization, Data Analysis/Data Discovery, Statistical Modeling, Data Mining and AI/Machine Learning — supply the analytics needed to identify trends for informed decision making.

Application Modules  

The application modules comprise the following:

  • Insights Modules: Marketing Analytics, Web & mBanking Analytics, Operational Analytics, Branch Analytics, Fraud & Risk Analytics, Customer Analytics, Social Analytics and Wealth Management Analytics — yield the insights needed to better understand and proactively serve each customer.
  • Actions Modules: Alerts & Notifications, Personalization Engine, Campaign Management, Loyalty Management, Content Management, Recommendation Engine, SEO/SEM, Personalized Search, Workflow Engine and Gamification — provide personalized recommendations to deliver relevant and tailored communications services and promotions.  

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    Business Value

    With a new and profound understanding of each customer, BFS professionals can get closer to every customer to achieve the following:

    • Implement customer-centric strategies across product silos
    • Deliver consistently high-quality, personalized customer service experiences
    • Attract new customers and keep current customers
    • Improve wallet share and maximize the customer lifetime value

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