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Customer Intelligence & Insights for Retail: Loyalty Management


Reward, engage and build lasting relationships with your valued customers with our Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) Solution for Retail Loyalty Management.

TCS Advantage | What TCS Provides | Business Value

With disruptive technologies, digitally empowered customers who expect more, and intense competition, retailers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain valuable customers. 

TCS’ CI&I Loyalty Management solution helps retailers deliver and manage successful loyalty and reward programs that create unique differentiation and build lasting customer relationships. 

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ CI&I Loyalty Management is designed by industry experts to solve the actual challenges retailers face. It offers a distinctive combination of features including: insights driven personalization and targeting, comprehensive customer profile management, multiple customer specific loyalty program options and reward types, consistent messaging across customer preferred channels, real time earning and burning, SOA based architecture, and ease of integration.

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What TCS Provides 

Comprised of five modules - Loyalty Programs, Recommendations, Gamification, Segmentation, Offers & Promotion and Workflow - TCS CI&I Loyalty Management helps retailers stay competitive through dynamic loyalty programs that are:

  • Personalized, built on a deep understanding of each customer, offering relevant promotions across channels at the right time.
  • Context-based, incorporating buying history, current purchases, current location and need.
  • Omni-channel, offering a single rewards program across member portal, call center, in-store, mobile and social channels.  
  • Real Time, providing instant gratification and rewarding current purchases.
  • Interactive-based, tracking and rewarding customers for interactions and behaviors like visiting the store, “liking” on social media, referring friends, transferring prescriptions or downloading apps.
  • Unified, integrating promotional offers, coupons, messages, cash-backs and gift cards.
  • Easy to use, with payment mode specific rewards like rewarding customers using mobile payment.
  • Engaging, using gamification that allows customers to compete with their friends to earn more rewards.
  • Environmentally friendly with Green Loyalty that rewards customers for green behavior, like substituting emailed bills for printed ones, bringing their own shopping bags and using digital coupons instead of paper.

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Business Value

TCS’ CI&I Loyalty Management solution helps retailers:

  • Improve the customer experience and brand engagement
  • Attract new customers
  • Maximize customer lifetime value
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Respond to changing business needs with robust, scalable architecture
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce cost with solution built on open source technologies

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