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Improve the customer experience across all touch points and build lifelong relationships with your customers with TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights Software Solutions for Retail.


Digital transformation continues to change the retail landscape.

Digitally savvy customers have more power, more choice, higher expectations and a stronger voice.
New business models are evolving, new partnerships are being forged and new innovative competitors are emerging on an almost daily basis.

Success in this intensely competitive environment will be determined by how well retailers can leverage new digital technologies to anticipate and respond to the needs of todays empowered customers.

TCS’ Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) for Retail is an integrated, out-of-the-box customer analytics solution that helps retailers deliver superior shopping experiences across their customers’ physical-digital journeys—quickly and cost-effectively.

It provides the insights retailers need to restore the balance of power and ‘own the customer journey’, creating continuous value for customers and increased revenue for their organizations.

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) for Retail helps retailers create powerful segmentation capabilities based on digital personas for improved targeting and customer engagement. The TCS Connected Intelligence Platform collects and analyzes all the required data across channels and devices for the most comprehensive customer view. Proprietary algorithms are then used to identify key attributes and create rich, digital personas that help drive relevant, personalized customer experiences and build increased brand loyalty.

What TCS Provides

TCS’ CI&I for Retail is a fully integrated, modular customer analytics software solution built on open source technology and designed specifically for retail.

The IoT-ready CI&I Connected Intelligence Platform and industry standard ARTS compliant retail data model facilitate the collection of data from existing and emerging IoT sources and other commonly used retail data sources – retail transactions, POS systems, iBeacons, LBS platforms purchases, loyalty points accrual and redemptions, social media interactions, in-store check-ins, mobile, Wi-Fi, and more – for a full view of the customer across all channels and devices.

Customer Analytics Module helps retailers build unique, digital personas and model ‘paths to purchase’ based on demographic, psychographic and transactional customer data using machine learning techniques and proprietary statistical algorithms.

Persona-driven Personalization Module enables real-time exporting of digital personas to CMS and other marketing platforms, enabling retailers to deliver personalized, context driven offers and experiences across the targeted customer’s end-to-end customer journey. With a deep understanding of customers’ motivations and desires, retailers can engage with them one-on-one in more meaning ways with relevant cross-sell and upsell offers, improved cross-channel engagement and better targeted campaigns.

TCS Loyalty Management, one of the Action Modules for Retail, helps you deliver and manage successful loyalty and reward programs that create unique differentiation and build lasting customer relationships. Learn how TCS’ Loyalty Management solution can help you improve the customer experience and brand engagement.

Business Value

TCS CI&I for Retail helps retailers:

  • Gain the most comprehensive view of customers in real time based on “all” the required data
  • Strengthen competitive differentiation with distinctive segmentation strategies based on unique digital retail personas
  • Build lifetime customer value through secure real-time, personalized, offers and interactions across all touch points

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