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The 3rd Platform: Enabling Digital Transformation

The 3rd Platform, built on a foundation of cloud, mobile, social and Big Data technologies, is enabling digital transformation in every industry. Find out how you can achieve digital transformation and succeed in this new world.

Today, CIOs and line-of-business executives find themselves in the midst of unprecedented opportunity and risk as the IT industry shifts to a new set of core technologies that — taken together — form a new platform for industry and enterprise innovation and growth.

We are in the early stages of a whole new platform, with mobile devices and apps extending the edge, cloud taking the place of client/server at the core, Big Data enabling analytics that create deeper insights much faster, and social technologies bringing human brains into digital, automated processes.

Therefore, the 3rd Platform is the new basis of digital transformation. Cloud service platforms, marketplaces, and developer communities will be where the most sought-after solutions live. The real key is weaving together two or more of these technologies to create high-value industry solutions.

The 3rd Platform is reinventing established digital model. Some of its innovations include the following: 

  • Turbo-charging digital commerce
  • Faster time to insight
  • Enabling intelligent infrastructure, resulting in greater customer engagement and sustained relationships. 

New 3rd Platform solutions will focus on industry-specific needs. This white paper focuses on the new and innovative  solutions that leaders in retail, financial services, telecom, healthcare, and government industries are using to revamp their business models, enable digital transformation, and drive new sources of competitive advantage.  

IDC Opinion: Best Practices for the 3rd Platform

IDC recommends best practices to consider using 3rd Platform solutions including the following:

  • Refresh IT competencies
  • Rethink the core business model
  • Leverage industry-specific cloud platforms
  • Extend the business model to become and industry-specific platform provider
  • Fast track with pre-integrated industry digitization solutions
  • Engage in new levels of dialogue
  • Revamp digital commerce, customer analytics, and intelligent infrastructure
  • Find appropriate partners 

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