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IDC Vendor Profile - TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group

The IDC Vendor Profile for TCS' Digital Software & Solutions Group analyzes the reasons behind formation of this group, its corporate and product go-to-market strategies, and its future development.

With Digital Software & Solutions Group (DS&S), TCS has started a bold new venture to embrace the needs of large enterprises struggling with the new worlds of digital transformation and customer intelligence

According to IDC, TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group's overall strategy is based on the belief that organizations trying to digitalize their businesses are looking for real and complete solutions to their industry-specific business issues. These include customer churn for telcos, payment fraud for financial services companies, and intelligent inventory prediction and optimization for retailers. They want more than toolkits based on generic scenarios.

DS&S views that today's software product vendors either offer broad-based platforms for digitalization, or niche and disparate point solutions. Either way, considerable customization, integration, and extension is required to produce a complete solution.

DS&S believes that in certain, specific cases it can produce something much closer to a turnkey solution, to give its customers faster time to market and reduced costs of deployment — thus faster time to value. Its core strategy is to identify the most promising scenarios and build out suitable solutions.

In this profile, IDC focuses on the two suites: Customer Intelligence & Insights and Digital Commerce.

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