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Capital Markets


Partner with us in your strategic initiatives such as Post-M&A Integration, IT Transformation Strategy and empowerment of new business models. Experience Certainty.

 The TCS Advantage

  • Expertise through engagements across global markets for large banking institutions
  • Wide range of solutions spanning consulting, solution development, implementation, integration and testing
  • Alliances with leading product vendors to ensure the best fit implementation
  • Experienced and skilled TCS associates spread across globally

Solutions/Services we offer

We provide solutions spanning across customer experience, market and regulatory reforms, rationalization of applications, enterprise data management, risk management, channel integration and business analytics.

Our solutions in capital markets serves the following functions areas:

  • Investment banking 
    • Brokerages 
    • Trading
  • Investment management
    • Asset management 
    • Private banking and wealth management
  • Market infrastructure
    • Exchanges 
    • Clearing houses
    • Depositories 
    • Central banks and regulatory authorities

White Papers

Emerging World of Synthetic Finance

Synthetic finance instruments like CFDs and TRS are similar to derivative contracts where the underlying instrument could be a stock, bond, index, or a portfolio of securities. A key feature of these instruments is the exchange of cash flows, where the in-come generated by an asset is paid to the holder of long positions, and interest plus the difference in market price of the underlying asset is paid to the short position holder. These instruments are quite flexible, with their terms and conditions (like spread and reset dates) open to bilateral negotiation.

White Papers

Machine Learning in Capital Markets: A New Opportunity for Intelligent Services

Existing business models aren’t enough to parse through and make sense of the gargantuan volumes of data that enterprises and environments are generating every minute. This is where machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, comes in.

White Papers

Retirement Investment Advice: Implications and Opportunities

Would you pay a financial adviser a fee for a retirement investment product, whose outcome the advisor doesn’t take accountability for? Wouldn’t you rather pay the adviser a fee in return for a retirement financial product that’s right for you?

White Papers

Automated Advice Delivery Platforms: Simplifying the Investment Management Game

Many financial intermediaries (fintech firms) have embraced automated advice delivery models to commoditize the basic financial advisory services provided by wealth management firms. Largely, they use online tools to offer personalized recommendations to clients, in the areas of financial planning, portfolio selection, and investment advisory. By offering such tools on client execution-only or client-directed platforms, these intermediaries have enabled investors to make their own investment decisions.