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Today, more than ever before, the automotive industry is looking for avenues to reduce costs, shorten product lifecycles, innovate and collaborate with partners – suppliers or dealers, to deliver customer value. 

Client Challenges

The Automotive Industry is chasing highly price sensitive & demanding customers in economically challenging times, signified by  excess capacity, fewer customers and geographical market shifts. Large manufacturing and assembly investments have been made, and excess capacity threatens the industry – from the largest to the best established automakers and their supply chain partners.

What TCS Provides

Automotive Solutions

Automotive Retail Accelerator Solution

TCS believes in driving transformation in the Automotive Retail business, through its unique solutions that help you with the following:

  • Own the Customer for Life
  • Capture the Vehicle Lifecycle

Learn more about the TCS Automotive Retail Accelerator (AURA) Solution.

This end-to-end ERP solution for the automotive retail business, is a result of co-innovation and joint development efforts between TCS and SAP. The solution is being built on the SAP® ERP and SAP Dealer Business Management applications.

AURA is more customer and market focused, homogeneous and integrated, thereby enabling auto OEMs and their dealers / distributors to deliver a differentiated customer experience. This solution aligns businesses with customer needs, and allows closer collaboration between the channel partner and OEM thus creating a competitive advantage. With our automotive know-how, you can protect market share protection and improve revenue and profitability.

Learn more about the TCS Digital Dealership Solution Suite.

Get the TCS Advantage

TCS Automotive Center of Excellence (CoE) successfully embeds automotive business capability into the DNA of our service delivery capability, and helps clients redefine the basis of competition in the automotive industry. This makes TCS a unique 360 degree, automotive consulting and service provider globally.

By leveraging our automotive domain knowledge and pre-built business models and solution accelerators, combined with the industry experience of our consultants, we have successfully delivered solutions to global automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, Dealers and other value-added service providers.

Find out more about the TCS Social Listening and Planning Solution


Big Data Analytics

Powered with artificial intelligence and Big Data technology, analytics can help you take strategic decisions. On the go. From the environmental impact on profitability to an increase in throughput; a launch in a new market to a potential recall… Analytics has the potential to drive the breakthrough that your business needs

Analyst Reports

ARC View: Synchronize Automotive Production among the OEM and Suppliers

In this ARC View, we present insights from ARC’s analysis of TCS’ Plant in a Box accelerator solution designed for synchronizing an automotive assembly plant with its suppler.


TCS Digital Dealership Solution Suite

TCS’ Digital Dealership Solution Suite leverages digital five forces to enable auto retailers reimagine customer engagement across all touch points in the engagement lifecycle.

Case Studies

A Leading Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer uses TCS' AURA Solution to integrate its dealer network

TCS deployed its SAP-based AURA solution at a leading Indian commercial vehicle manufacturer. This provided the automaker with a centralized IT system supporting real-time integration between database management and CRM systems, and the OEM ERP system.