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Due Diligence Cube

Current Challenges: Do you face the challenge of deciding which applications to outsource? Which ones to move offshore and which to keep nearshore? Do you want to prioritize applications in your complex enterprise architecture? If you are planning a merger or acquisition, do you have a complete picture of the architecture of the other company? Do you want to rollout an IT solution over an existing platform?

What TCS Provides: TCS offers you its solution accelerator - Due Diligence Cube (DD Cube), which provides a rapid assessment to prioritize manufacturing application assessment and outsourcing based on size, complexity, criticality and stability of applications. The application landscape is studied right from process level to technology architecture and a time based program is provided for application landscape transformation.

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Policy Objective Matrix

Current Challenges: Every organization has multiple business interventions underway at any point of time, many of them with overlapping spheres of influence. The confluence of IT and business interventions (process improvement initiatives or new strategy deployment) is an area that requires alignment to derive maximum results from the investments made.

What TCS Provides: TCS offers you a tool for visualizing and translating top management’s commitment to improvement and the transformation into concrete action. The tool propagated by Dr Rayuji Fakuda of Japan, and used in several LEAN management situations, was adapted by TCS under an exclusive license. The deployment is typically accompanied by another tool that drives local improvements through Structured Enhancement of Daily Activities through Creativity (SEDAC).  

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Current Challenges: Next-generation manufacturing and supply chain face increasingly complex challenges in harmonizing operations of plants and suppliers disbursed globally. Inorganic growth, led by mergers and acquisitions, further compounds this operational complexity, as the amalgamation of process and technology architectures needs harmonization. The drive to greater efficiencies requires embracing LEAN techniques. 

What TCS Provides: TCS provides you with a proprietary framework – Manufacturing Enterprise Landscape Transformation (MELT), which has evolved using TCS’ deep domain expertise. The MELT framework seeks to leverage established industry standard models, SCOR, MESA and ISA in synch with current generation transformational approaches (LEAN and Six Sigma), to facilitate landscape transformation.

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Simulation-Aided Value Stream Mapping

Current Challenges: Almost all discrete manufacturing and process industries with hybrid manufacturing processes aim to use lean thinking to give them leaner flow production systems which are sustained and efficient. Discrete Event Simulation (DES) tools are being used to build credible models, observe the behavior of systems and optimize processes and systems.

What TCS Provides: TCS provides you with Simulation Aided Value Stream Mapping (SaVSM) approach which ensures usage of DES tools in conjunction with value stream mapping thereby increasing speed, efficiency and sustenance of any lean deployment. This approach, proprietary to TCS, makes the identification of process disconnects and solution hypothesis validation faster. The solid modelling and animation ensures smoother deployment of new lean initiatives

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