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Digital Marketing Solutions


Get real-time insights into the success of your digital campaigns, consumer preferences and viability of engagement models with TCS' end-to-end Digital Integrated Consumer Engagement (DICE) solution.

The TCS Advantage 

  • A dedicated team of industry and technology specialists with expertise in digital and social solutions for companies from various CPG sub-industries 
  • Expertise in the digital marketing space, creating a closed loop digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI 
  • Expertise in customized digital marketing solutions that address industry-specific challenges related to government regulations and consumer dynamics 
  • Specialized TCS digital marketing tools, including Listening Platform, Promotion Management and Social Analytics

solutions we offer

TCS' Digital Integrated Consumer Engagement (DICE) is an end-to-end solution that offers digital and social marketing solutions and services across the consumer engagement cycle.

Our 360 degree solution manages digital marketing requirements of a CPG company by delivering capabilities from understanding consumer sentiments to measuring brand effectiveness and calculating return on media investment.

Solution Features:

  • Enable effective listening to consumers with TCS’ Listening Platform
  • Create ongoing conversations with Knome – A transparent and user friendly collaboration platform that allows knowledge sharing in myriad data formats
  • Leverage platform to promote products and services with Cubuzz, TCS Deals & Ideamax
  • Create digital presence and execute brand plan through Web Transformation Services
  • Measure the return on digital marketing efforts with the Marketing Analytics Dashboard 


  • Agility & consistency in delivering brand experience
  • Connecting with consumers across various online touchpoints
  • Effective campaign management through a transparent single view of campaigns
  • Ability to measure ROI for social media efforts with superior analytics


Connected Digital Experience

A connected experience is really the core of customer engagement. We, at TCS, help you connect experiences across all touch-points - offline as well as digital - so that they synergize and send out messages that reinforce each other.


Promotions Marketing Platform

Marketing theory describes two main types of promotional activities – push and pull. In push, promotions create consumer demand. The strategy is to sell directly to the customer bypassing the traditional distribution channels. But push promotions need to be non-intrusive (equipped with the “opt-in” feature) and need to target the right customer at the right time, via the most appropriate channel.


Connected Marketing Solutions

TCS’ Connected Marketing Solutions are designed to help you connect your target customers, enterprise, data, channels and messaging – so that you can build a connected brand experience.