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Compliance Management


Design, build and implement an effective environmental compliance across the enterprise 

Managing environmental compliance in an increasingly dynamic regulatory environment requires optimizing processes underlying compliance management, flexible and adaptive platforms for compliance requirements and risk management, and meeting stakeholder requirements.

TCS helps you design and build an enterprise-wide compliance management platform. We enable effective compliance management through a closer integration of processes and compliance-related data across the enterprise.

The TCS Advantage

TCS helps you streamline compliance management at the plant, business unit and enterprise levels by leveraging the following:

  • TCS’ Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) products comparison matrix on more than 50 Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) products that cater to compliance management requirements and accelerate technology selection
  • Our ability to tightly integrate the platform with other systems to eliminate data consistency and quality issues, and manual processes 
  • Our ability to manage certain aspects of your compliance requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner through an onshore-offshore model

Solutions we Offer

Compliance Blueprinting: A detailed review of environment health and safety processes across an enterprise global operations. As a next step we support in  institutionalizing the processes by standardizing the policies and procedures, mapping the associated compliance data sources, and streamlining the reporting and governance procedures

EHS Systems Implementation: Design and implement COTS-based solutions or develop bespoke systems to effectively address EHS requirements of a global enterprise

Compliance Documentation: Support in creating, verifying and submitting necessary documentation associated with complying with key regulations such as RoHS, REACH, etc.

Solution Benefits

By engaging TCS to design and implement a compliance management platform, you derive the following benefits:

  • Pro-active risk management around environmental compliance
  • Ability to meet compliance requirements and needs across all levels: Plant, business unit and enterprise
  • A single platform for all the reporting requirements toward compliance, voluntary disclosures, audits, etc.
  • “Single truth” visibility of compliances to different stakeholders through the integrated platform
  • Compliances can be audited and certified easily by third parties


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