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Energy Management


Maximize energy efficiencies and reduce your energy costs.

Achieving world-class energy performance requires companies to gain a granular visibility of where one can save and closely monitor the impact of energy efficiency initiatives being implemented.

TCS enables you to maximize the investments you make in energy efficiency and security through an integrated approach across the energy management lifecycle, including diagnostics, metering and monitoring, energy efficiency implementation, tracking reporting and verification.

The TCS Advantage

  • Gaining granular visibility on energy consumption requires a close integration between different energy consumption sources and energy management systems. We have the capabilities to integrate building and energy management systems with meters and other devices using different protocols.
  • TCS’ Corporate Technology Labs have developed a platform that can be readily leveraged for energy dashboards and performing energy analytics.
  • TCS’ partnership with leading OEMs in the energy management space makes it possible to provide integrated solutions toward energy efficiency and management.

Services we provide

Energy Audits: Conduct detailed energy audits of facilities to identify energy efficiency initiatives and support you  in the development of business cases.

Energy Management Assessments: Perform detailed assessment of your metering and monitoring infrastructure and recommend an approach for integrated energy management platform for your facilities, data centers and manufacturing plants.

Integrated Energy Management Platform: Design and deploy an integrated energy management platform that covers all type of facilities and energy sources across the enterprise operations.

Green Data Center Audits and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) Management: Get support in four different ways:

  • Supply-side energy management to identify an optimal energy mix of conventional, captive and renewable energy sources
  • Power usage effectiveness and data-center cooling through real-time power dashboards and thermal heat-load models
  • Analytics-led IT infrastructure transformation, to mitigate inefficiencies in basic IT operations and network systems and servers
  • Energy efficient building infrastructure management, including lighting, cooling, heating, “green” building and procurement strategy

Energy Management as a Services (EMaaS): Leverage our partnerships with an OEM, an energy utility and / or a facility management company, to provide end-to-end energy management services that cover the following:

  • Provide initial diagnostics assessments
  • Deploy metering and monitoring infrastructure
  • Implement energy monitoring systems
  • Provide remote monitoring and energy analytics
  • Recommend and manage the implementation of energy efficiency initiatives
  • Track the effectiveness of energy efficiency initiatives

Renewable and Low-Co2 Energy Sourcing: Support organizations to arrive at an optimal energy mix, considering the relevant policies and technology maturity of alternative energy resources. 

White Papers

An Approach to Greening Data Centers

In this white paper, we discuss savings within the existing infrastructure in a typical data center and look at the problem of managing and optimizing data center energy and carbon footprints.


Improving the wind energy’s competitive edge

We demonstrate how progress toward industry-wide grid parity can be accelerated, by applying known technology to better manage the operations and massive flow of information through wind farms. We focus on the role of information technology, in particular, in improving performance and reducing costs.