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Product Sustainability


Drive product stewardship by integrating Design for Environment (DfE) principles

Product stewardship involves sustainability-related information product disclosures, product cost optimization through a sustainability dimension and the incorporation of Design for Environment (DfE) principles in product design.

TCS helps you conduct lifecycle assessments (LCA) on environmental parameters to enable information disclosures and unlock opportunities for product cost optimization (e.g., alternate packaging options, lower cost materials, weight reduction, etc.) and innovation in product design.

The TCS Advantage

Dedicated expert group: LCA studies generally require a host of competencies ranging from material science, industry and product-specific intelligence, relevant regional and industry regulations and standards (e.g., ISO 14040 / 44) to technical know-how on using complex software and IT-based tools in order to conduct the assessment. TCS’ consultants are equipped with expertise in this area across various domains and practices. Along with TATA Research Development and Design Center (TRDDC), TCS has also conducted LCA using the classical approach without any software tools. This is typically useful for complex assessments where software databases are not readily available.

Scaling up LCAs: We can significantly scale up LCA effort and deliver a timely and cost-effective manner through our onshore-offshore model using leading LCA tools such as GaBi and Sima Pro.

Solutions we offer

Customers and innovation

  • Facilitate sustainability information disclosures for products for voluntary disclosure requirements such as eco-labels
  • Future-proof new product development by integrating DfE principles in product design

Supply chain and operational efficiencies

  • Model and understand the possible impacts of interventions across the product value chain
  • Support the identification of strategic cost-saving opportunities across the supply chain 
  • Facilitate supplier sustainability evaluations

Regulations and compliance

  • Comply with environmental declarations and reporting frameworks such as European Union’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), ISO 14000 series, and upcoming WRI and GRI G4 standards 
  • Preemptively assess product-related environmental problems to mitigate potential risks from environmental legislations

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