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Supplier Sustainability Management


De-risk your supply chain through supplier sustainability strategies, identifying environment-related vulnerabilities 

Best-in-class companies integrate sustainability not only in their own operations but also in their supply chains. This not only enables them to drive sustainability awareness and compliance with their suppliers but also address cost optimization and risk mitigation.

With its expertise in supply chain management, TCS has redefined the conventional approaches to manage sustainability performance of global supply chains.

The TCS Advantage

TCS can help you devise a robust supplier sustainability strategy and execute it efficiently through some of its assets, systems implementation and business process execution expertise:

  • TCS’ Supplier Sustainability Analytics Framework has been built by bringing together some of the leading supplier sustainability score cards and supply chain indices and protocols that can be easily tailored to aid the supplier evaluation and engagement programs.
  • TCS’ ability to swiftly build or deploy COTS product for supplier sustainability information management ensures effective and efficient management of the supplier evaluation and engagement process.
  • Our proven expertise in BPO and conducting supplier audits makes it possible for you to outsource your supplier sustainability activities as managed services.

Solutions we offer

Supplier Sustainability Management Strategy: Develop an assessment framework for the suppliers that includes the following:

  • Key suppliers identification
  • Data collection
  • Risk assessment and mitigation planning

Supplier Sustainability Information Management System: Design and deploy or enhance existing system(s) to monitor supplier sustainability performance periodically and provide feeds into the sourcing decision support / procurement systems

Supplier Sustainability Analytics: A framework to help you profile and rank your suppliers on the basis of the data collected over a period of time and simulate “what-if” scenarios with different sourcing options

Solution Benefits

  • Sustainability initiatives in the supply chain will unlock operational efficiencies for all actors in the supply chain.
  • Risk assessments include risk elements related to sustainability in the supply chain. Therefore, mitigation strategies can be accordingly developed.
  • Sourcing choices are made not only on the parameters of cost and quality but also sustainability.


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