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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should you partner with iON?

Partner with iON’s IT-as-a-Service for the following benefits:

  • Aggregation power and economies of scale: 
    • Integrated end-to-end IT and telecom solutions
    • One-stop shop for every IT need
    • Lowest prices with discounts on bulk purchases
  • Business-enhancing applications and e-Marketplace
    • Vertical specific applications that provide you with a competitive advantage
    • Platform for B2B networking
    • Opportunity for cross leverage
    • Opportunity for growth and expansion
  • Pedigree and credentials
    • The TATA / TCS brand
    • Dedicated global delivery model
    • Better-managed SLA
  • SMB-friendly financial model
    • We own the application and the IT infrastructure
    • No Capex, you pay only subscription fees for the IT services consumed
    • “Build-as-you-grow, pay-as-you-use” financing option
    • Align SMBs’ IT requirements to current business needs
    • Easily scale up IT infrastructure as your business grows
  • Use of global, yet localized best practices
    • Home markets reach in Tier 2 cities
    • Long term localized commitment
    • Global solutions customized to local needs
    • Solution integration without vendor bias
    • Product / service catalogue selection for optimal price points
    • TCS’ global market experience in relevant industry and technology
    • Exposure to benchmarked practices
  • Mass Customized Shared Services
    • Standardized solutions at low-cost customized to specific SMB needs
    • Central hosting with economies of scale

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How are iON’s offerings financially beneficial?

With iON’s IT-as-a-Service solution, you are spared the burden of deploying, managing and supporting costly hardware and software in-house.

iON’s Pricing: Salient Points

  • Initial sign-up amount
  • Subscription charges levied on the IT services rendered
  • A fixed % of your revenue, payable monthly, for the standard elements on offer or flat service fees, payable monthly, for the standard elements on offer
  • Add-ons at an additional price, on the basis of service type – a one-time cost, or an increase in the monthly service fee

Our attractive financing options can also help with the following:

Minimize Capital Expenditure:Under the IT-as-a-Service model, you do not own either the application or the infrastructure, resulting in minimal capital expenditure.

Reduce Operating Expenditure:
You only incur operating expenditure, which is equivalent to the subscription charges levied on the IT services rendered. The model also eliminates the need to employ IT specialists.

Align your IT requirements to the current business needs:
The “Build-as-you-grow, pay-as-you-use” model helps you align your IT requirements to current business needs. The monthly subscription model allows you to easily scale up your IT needs in tune with your business growth, thereby aligning your IT service payments with business results.   

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How we ensure data security?

We help you build security strategies leveraging our security expertise, tools and processes. We simultaneously also ensure the privacy of your data, provide increased responsiveness through defined service levels and have the flexibility to scale or change your organization’s security strategy as required.

iON’s IT-as-a-Service leverages our capability to provide a secure environment for electronic communication that also addresses transactional security. With a network of certifying authorities, registration authorities, directories of digital certificates and a range of protocols, standards and policies, iON’s IT-as-a-Service ensures integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation across online transactions.

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