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IPv6 Consulting


Does your business really need IPv6? Get insights on the global industry trends around IPv6 migration and regulatory requirements in your geography.

    The TCS Advantage:

  •  With its unique three-step (Analyze, Formulate and Strategize) approach, TCS’ IPv6 Consulting services help you determine if you really need an IPv6-enabled network and application. We offer end-to-end consulting for Business and IT applications, Network, Servers and Systems.
  • Our pre-defined rules and templates aid in quickly understanding the business requirements and formulating solutions based on IPv6 expertise and experience.
  • We also organize workshops for the business owners on how the IPv6 transition may affect the way they work.
  • Solutions/Services We Offer:

  • Analyze: We help you understand your business requirements, the impact of IPv6 on your infrastructure and the scope of your IPv6 transition. The report submitted at the end of this phase answers the following questions:
        • What segment is to be considered for IPv6 migration?
        • Do you need to move to IPv6 immediately or can this be postponed to a later stage?
        • Which are the geographic locations that must be migrated to IPv6?
        • Does your organization require IPv6 in their infrastructure?
        • Will IPv6 migration have an impact on your business?
        • Is the transition to IPv6 a regulatory requirement mandated by the government or industry bodies?
  • Formulate: TCS’ IPv6 consultants evaluate the following aspects of IT infrastructure for IPv6 readiness:
        • Network consulting: We determine and prioritize areas of your network for IPv6 migration.
        • Servers and systems consulting: We provide insights on servers and systems that can host and run applications smoothly as well as connect to an IPv6-enabled network.
        • Business and IT application consulting: We recommend the best solution for your organization to ensure seamless access to your IT application and business continuity.    
  • Strategize: We help you with a road-map for the IPv6 transition. We provide guidance and support in the assessment and implementation phases, which include the following:
        • Hiring a System Integrator for IPv6 Migration
        • Assessing the network equipment, servers and applications for IPv6 compliance
        • Helping in developing the RFI and RFPs for the required upgrades in a vendor-agnostic manner
        • Evaluating vendors and RFP responses
        • Assisting with timelines and negotiation
        • Designing and planning for implementation


IPv6 capability assessment

Learn if your organization is ready for IPv6 migration and how to deploy IPv6 support for your network.


Detailed network infrastructure design development

Learn how TCS helps you evaluate your IPv6 design requirements and develop a low-level infrastructure design for IPv6 migration


Network infrastructure implementation

TCS’ consultants facilitate a smooth IPv6 implementation by providing consulting and onsite support during IPv6 roll out in your live network.