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Build Suite


In this rapidly changing business environment, delivering a stable, resilient and extensible technology infrastructure, underpinned by mission-critical software applications, is the key requirement of technology managers. The dynamic environment places increased importance on quality, performance, availability and flexibility in adapting to new business on these software applications.


The TCS MasterCraft Build Suite enables dynamic organizations to manage the development of such high quality software applications with shorter time-to-market.

The TCS MasterCraft Build Suite has the following products that provide application lifecycle management capabilities, which support requirements capturing, quality assurance and release management for traditional and agile software development lifecycles: 

  • Application Lifecycle Manager: Manage your application life-cycle for both traditional and agile-based projects with this integrated platform
  • Scrum Manager: Manage your application life-cycle through the agile method of software development
  • Enterprise AppsMaker: A Model-driven Development (MDD) framework to develop enterprise applications that provide high productivity, better quality and platform independence
  • InstantApps: A SaaS solution based on a breakthrough web technology that executes business systems directly from specifications
  • Java Profiler: For response time and memory-related analysis of the Java code
  • Data Modeler: An ER diagramming tool based on model-driven development 

These products enable technology managers with the following:

  • Project planning, tracking and reporting
  • Facilitating requirements management, test management and defect management
  • Providing traceability across requirements, test cases and defects
  • Enhancing collaboration between developers, testers, approvers and business owners
  • Supporting continual integration with a quick turnaround of changes
  • Increasing transparency
  • Improving productivity through automation

The Build Suite comes as part of the TCS MasterCraft portfolio, with a technology architecture founded on interoperability and integrability, lean resource consumption and customizability. TCS MasterCraft products have been used in over 300 client environments.