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Transform Suite


To remain highly competitive, organizations require their business and mission-critical applications to be continuously upgraded and be on top of the evolving technology and functionalities.


The TCS MasterCraft Transform Suite provides enterprises an integrated environment to prepare, analyze, reverse engineer and transform their applications and data from the current to the desired future state.

TCS MasterCraft offers the following products as part of the Transform Suite:

  • Application Transformer: A product equipped to handle migration across a variety of legacy codes and frameworks
  • Data Transformer: A product which aids in implementing large end-to-end data migration with the required governance. 
  • Application Analyzer: Offers support for application owners, analysts and developers to understand enterprise assets, maintain and monitor application health factors (maintainability, changeability) providing structural knowledge and drill down capabilities across different platforms. The product encompasses the following 
      • Application Portfolio Management
      • Application Knowledge Management
      •  Application Quality Management

The Transform Suite comes as part of TCS MasterCraft portfolio with a technology architecture founded on interoperability and integrability, lean resource consumption and customizability. TCS MasterCraft products have been used in over 300 client environments and come backed by industry benchmark support.