Being a part of the 144-year old Tata group, which epitomizes sustainability, we, at TCS, have inherited a strong legacy of fair, transparent and ethical governance, as embodied in the Tata Code of Conduct.

This is aligned with the ten principles articulated in the UN Global Compact to which TCS is a signatory. The Tata group's Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) embodies sustainability as a key aspect for measuring business excellence for group companies, and the results of this are highlighted at the board level. TCS is on the Steering and Working Committees of the Climate Change Group within Tata Quality Management Services (TQMS), which drives sustainability guidelines for the group.

The CEO oversees the company’s sustainability strategy and reports on the initiatives and progress at the board meetings. A Sustainability Council has been set up to oversee the implementation of our sustainability strategy. The council is led by the head of corporate sustainability and reports to the CEO & MD and the Board of Directors.   

It comprises the heads of internal IT, HSE, Administration, CSR, Infrastructure Planning Department, Eco-sustainability Services and Human Resources. The goals are determined by the senior management in line with the company’s overall sustainability objectives and the performance against these goals.

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