STEM Education and Technology Inclusion: National Partnerships


There is a rapidly growing need for employees with skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in the North America region. TCS has initiated national level partnerships and program initiatives to leverage our IT expertise and core competency to build capability, increase capacity, enhance quality and improve employability.

STEM Connector
Create a thought leadership niche for TCS with clients, government and education, nationally.

TCS has partnered with STEMconnector®, a one-stop web-based resource for all STEM-related initiatives in North America. Functioning as both a service and a resource, STEMconnector provides comprehensive listings of programs, daily announcements, weekly newsletters and a number of virtual forums; and shares information on STEM education, careers and jobs, with a particular focus on diversity. 


Engage local communities with expert IT services and access to skilled mentors and teachers of computer science, with a special focus on diversity.

TCS and NPower are working in partnership on a number of national programs that will engage local community organizations and underserved populations with technology services and education programs. NPower leverages TCS’ volunteers and resources through established community programs, such as NPower Community Corps and NPower Technology Corps, which have proven successful with IT training programs for veterans. Additionally, TCS will work with NPower and other corporate and nonprofit leaders on the creation of a dynamic online platform to match IT professionals as mentors for Million Women Mentors.

US 2020

Focus: Mobilize one million STEM professionals from the corporate sector to do 20+ hours per year of high quality STEM mentoring by the year 2020.

As an initiative founded from the Clinton Global Initiative, TCS and US2020 are working in partnership on a national movement to motivate 20% of our national corporate workforce as volunteer mentors for students interested in STEM education and careers by 2020. In the fall of 2013, US2020 will launch the City Competition in 10 pilot cities, working with city officials to raise awareness and increase participation in STEM mentoring with a goal to engage one million mentors. TCS will build the dynamic national database of mentors that will match mentors with students at desired level of interaction. This extensive database of experts and resources can accelerate STEM education in these targeted communities.

Read Press Release: TCS Joins US2020 as Founding Leadership Partner


  • Increase the percentage of the US high school girls planning to pursue STEM careers from 13% to 20%. 
  • Increase the percentage of the US young women pursuing undergraduate degrees in STEM fields in higher education from 45% to 50%. 
  • Increase the percentage of the US women staying in STEM careers from 24% to 30% through a workforce mentoring program.

TCS is a founding sponsor of Million Women Mentors (MWM), an initiative led by STEMconnector and in partnership with the National Girls Collaborative Project, NPower and MentorNet. Working together, the goal is to increase interest in STEM education and careers in girls and women, with a special focus on minorities and underserved populations. The initiative will be launched in 2013 with a goal to establishing one million mentors by the year 2016.

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