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Corporate Social Responsibility


At TCS, sustainability is seen as a state of being in balance between Corporate Economic Responsibility (CER) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The guiding principle of TCS’ Corporate Social Responsibility programs is “Impact through Empowerment,” where empowerment is a process of strengthening the future today, so that risks are minimized, value created and certainty is experienced. We strive to ensure that the communities engaged through our CSR initiatives also experience certainty in their lives.

The core areas for TCS’ CSR programs are education, health and environment. The choice of education as a theme flows from TCS being in the knowledge domain. Similarly, attention to the cause of health acknowledges that health is a vital precondition for promoting social good. Concern for the environment is in line with our belief that this global cause demands our attention to ensure a sustainable and productive planet. These themes are established centrally for adoption or adaptation across all geographies.

TCS' Approach

TCS has chosen the following channels to drive its CSR initiatives:

  • Developing innovative solutions to address large-scale societal problems by utilizing our IT core competence.
  • Volunteering for projects that address the felt need of communities in which TCS operates, while aligning with the core themes of TCS’ CSR.
  • Participating in community development program championed by our clients.
  • Partnering with select non-government and civil society organizations and other government bodies.
  • Supporting large-scale causes such as disaster relief or any other cause as determined by the Corporate CSR Council.

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TCS' Initiatives

Some of the initiatives include the following:


Sustainable Community Initiatives


Adult Literacy Programs
University Alliances
TCS’ BPO Employability Program
Academic Interface Program
WebHealth Center
TCS Maitree village development initiative
TCS Maitree’s Advanced Computer Training Center
Med Mantra
CSR Technical Team’s support to social organizations

North America

First Book Club

UK and Europe

IT Futures
Environmental sustainability and the ICT industry

Asia Pacific

InsighT- Australia
SINDA Computer Training
Go for IT!
Library Program in China
Operation Smile

Latin America

Environment Leaders

Middle East and Africa

Landmark computer training
Scholarships at CIDA City Campus
City Ambassadors Football Club
Support to Reach for Dreams

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Key facts and Figures

In the year 2011-12 year TCS associates volunteered 58,362 hours on CSR initiatives and through these initiatives reached out to 57,90,604 beneficiaries.

TCS' CSR initiatives

To learn more about our initiatives refer to pages 54-63 of our CS Report 2011-12. 

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TCS in the News

IT a huge enabler for sustainability: Girish Ramachandran

In this special issue of Eco Business, Girish Ramachandran, President, Asia Pacific shares his thoughts on CSR and IT as an enabler for sustainability


TCS Summit 2013 attendees participate in Build a Bike for local charity

The attendees of the TCS Summit 2013 participated in Build a Bike for local charity. They raced to construct the ultimate human-powered, no-gasoline-needed rocket—a child-sized bicycle, forthe local Boys & Girls Club in Hilton Head.activities involved volunteering their time to help those in need.