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TCS Data Center Power Management Framework


Data center power usage is a major concern for enterprises worldwide, who seek to be more efficient and cost effective. Rising power costs have led to the need to monitor and manage power consumption through efficient energy management systems.

TCS’ Data Center Power Management Framework comprises a set of tools and techniques to assess, optimize and manage the power consumption of data centers.

The solution helps you to assess the ‘as-is’ scenario of your data centers and devise strategies for efficiency improvement based on their maturity levels. It also recommends design and operational level changes using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based algorithms to optimize the cooling power consumption. In addition, the Data Center Power Management Framework helps in centralized monitoring, analysis and benchmarking of data centers.

Solutions We Offer

The Solution comprises four components:

  • Thermal assessment: This provides quick and low cost recommendations for improving cooling efficiency by identifying thermal inefficiencies like hot spots and overcooled regions.
  • Detailed CFD analysis: This provides a detailed evaluation by simulating various ‘what-if’ scenarios using CFD models for further efficiency improvement.
  • Online cooling optimization: This recommends optimal temperature set points of cooling units in real-time based on current utilization. It eliminates hotspots and cools data centers just-in–time, resulting in significant savings in cooling power.
  • Remote energy monitoring center: This framework provides a central, integrated view of various metrics like IT power, non-IT power, Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), and temperature profiles for a large number of data centers.
    This reduces cost, enhances visibility, tracking and analysis, and enables accurate benchmarking.


  • Reduced power bills: Cut costs by achieving improved PUE over the entire lifecycle of the data center
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Optimize power consumption and consequently reduce your carbon footprint, as a result of enhanced cooling efficiency
  • Centralized monitoring: Centrally monitor and analyze metrics such as PUE and the carbon footprint for your portfolio of data centers at the enterprise level
  • Enhanced regulatory and compliance reporting: Access real-time information on your carbon footprint and PUE, enabling accurate regulatory and compliance reporting 

Download Brochure: TCS Data Center Power Management Framework (PDF, 361 KB)