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TCS eTransform


The goal of enterprises today is to build a reliable and cost effective IT environment that supports business requirements and is easy to manage. Most enterprises are forced to consolidate data centers to improve business agility, reduce capital and operational costs, and mitigate risks. Enterprises can benefit from a data center (DC) consolidation and migration framework that delivers transformation, superior results, and cost reduction.


Our Solution:

The eTransform framework creates a detailed blueprint for target assessment, consolidation, and migration. It helps you create a schedule and migration plan for data center transformation. The framework can be used as a virtual proto-typing tool to customize the output quickly, speeding up the implementation of the solution for DC consolidation and migration.

By using eTransform, businesses can ensure a smooth transition from source to target data centers. The methodology enables reduction in power consumption and carbon emission by creating a systematic consolidation and migration plan. It also generates a business case detailing the expected savings and provides a realistic snapshot of the savings that are likely to be generated.


TCS eTransform enables you to assess and plan data center consolidation and migration. The tools and algorithms used in this approach provide the following benefits:

  • Reduction in data center footprint
  • Smooth and cost-effective migration
  • Green data center reduces carbon emissions
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership

TCS Advantage:

TCS eTransform reflects our experience and expertise in transforming IT infrastructure. It is unique because of the following factors:

  • Methodological differentiators: Our methodology represents a paradigm shift in executing data center transformation. It replaces the traditional experience with an automated, fact-based approach.
  • Technical differentiators: The suite of offerings supports multiple transformation technologies across all layers of enterprise IT. This enables cross silo as-is state analysis that spans business processes, applications, infrastructure, and cost. This allows transformation scenarios to be run on every node and target sizing with precision. The solution also automates the creation of business cases for reducing operating and capital expenses.

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