TCS Aid360

Grant Management System

Enhance efficiency and transparency in the grant lifecycle with the TCS Aid360TM Grant Management System.

Grant making organizations manage a high volume of grant applications and prospective partners. Each partner type, domain area, or grant size necessitates the involvement of different stakeholders, either in making decisions on awarding or modifying grants, or in learning from previous performance. This work is time-consuming and often handled by rudimentary systems, with disjointed manual and digitized processes.

Our Solution

The Grant Management System (GMS) is an independent software module in TCS Aid360TM that enables grant makers to automate different aspects of a grant lifecycle, from portfolio creation through partner management to grant approval and performance monitoring. By using GMS, organizations can:

  • Create theme- or geography-based portfolios and allocate budgets which can be further bifurcated into individual grants
  • Manage partner processes such as registration, document upload, workflow-based assessment, with multi-factor assessment templates and panels 
  • Receive and evaluate proposals (via a template-based workflow) for approved grants and unsolicited proposals
  • Select successful partners and program proposals
  • Create projects based on selected proposals, attach performance frameworks, and rate grant performance 
  • Link disbursements to performance milestones for effective tracking

GMS can be linked with the TCS Aid360TM Planning and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) modules, or may be implemented as a standalone module.


By implementing GMS, grant makers can benefit from: 

  • Configurable workflows that connect multiple stakeholders to manage varied grant types with increased efficiency, transparency, and throughput
  • Enhanced visibility on budget spend and grant performance to align grants portfolios with intended impacts
  • Data driven and transparent partner management
  • Single store of partner, proposal or performance documents

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ solution builds on our experience with various donors – multi-lateral and bi-lateral organizations, as well as governments. TCS Aid360TM Grant Management System can flexibly adapt to handle any kind of partner, seamlessly automate solicited or unsolicited grant proposals, and truly digitize grant data rather than keeping it locked within documents.  In addition, grant management teams can use the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation module within Aid360 to help grantees to plan their work better and collect higher quality data.

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