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Analytics in Manufacturing

Globally, manufacturing operations has become harder to track, streamline and control. Growing focus on automation, increasing pressure on margins, fluctuations in demand and supply, complexities in supply chain, increasing demand for product innovation, growing risk in supplier and partner management, higher cost of warehousing, shortage of labor are some of the challenges that organizations are facing.

TCS, with its deep  experience in the manufacturing industry coupled with advanced analytics offerings, has a proven track record of helping enterprises overcome production bottlenecks, improve forecasting accuracy in production planning,and formulate pricing and promotion strategies, optimize warranty claims and manage suppliers optimally. We have the capability of harnessing the power of analytics to help you identify hidden patterns for better purchase decisions and achieve optimal operational efficiency.

The TCS Advantage

Our ValueBPS approach helps enterprises achieve significant and sustained business outcomes by leveraging our deep domain expertise and operations redesign methodologies such as FORE™. Our approach also encompasses robotic process automation (RPA), analytics and insights, our unique IT-BPS synergy, Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) models, and business process management (BPM).

Solutions We Offer

  • Sales & Marketing Analytics: Enables you to analyze customer preferences, customer lifetime value, return, brand loyalty to help make intelligent decisions to improve sales forecasting, time-to-market and marketing ROI
  • Supply Chain Analytics: Deploys sophisticated algorithms and econometric models to deliver comprehensive projections that enable enterprises to align their supply chain, production, sales, distribution, and marketing strategies with fluctuating customer demand. It helps in improving forecast, optimizing inventory and distribution, analyzing production time/maintenance cost, analyzing supply chain efficiency and logistic planning which in turn translates into decreased costs and improved profitability

Our Warranty analytics uses sophisticated predictive models to generate actionable insights that identifies fraudulent claims and detects quality failure trends.


Key benefits we deliver include:
  • Improvement in demand forecasting accuracy
  • Improvement in parts and service cost forecasting accuracy allowing the company to charge higher maintenance premium
  • Increase in sales and marketing ROI through target marketing based on analytics
  • Significant reduction in scheduling turnaround time

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