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New Product Introduction Solution

Constantly changing customer behavior, new distribution channels and growing competition complicate new product development. Additionally, new product launches are expensive and risky if not backed by a data driven approach.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) New Product Introduction (NPI) tool based solution provides valuable insights to help you improve the success of your product launches. It enables businesses to improve the probability of success for new products and services and predict their future growth potential by simulating various scenarios based on market conditions.

The TCS Advantage

ValueBPS: Our ValueBPS approach helps enterprises achieve significant and sustained business outcomes by leveraging our deep domain expertise and operations redesign methodologies such as FORE™. Our approach also encompasses robotic process automation (RPA), analytics and insights, our unique IT-BPS synergy, Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) models, and business process management (BPM).

Interactive Price Simulator: Our proprietary simulator helps launch and position new or existing products based on customer perceptions. It also facilitates brand portfolio analysis to estimate market share, and study competitors’ strategies pricing.

Industry Domain Expertise: We have a large pool of domain and subject matter experts who have extensive professional experience working on large customer datasets across industries. Our Data Scientist program offers access to a continuous pool of expert statisticians while our Academic Interface Program generates industry ready business graduates with domain expertise.

Solutions We Offer

  • Market and customer insights: Insights on market volume, margin, revenue, price, and customer purchase, and preference patterns serve as key inputs to determine price sensitivity and market share.
  • Market simulation: The NPI solution offers a market simulator that can run innumerable scenarios to test new product design, positioning, and strategy.
  • Concept testing: The offering creates detailed product descriptions,including features and prices, to test different product options and evaluate customer preferences.


With our NPI solution, you can perform price sensitivity analysis to determine the ideal combination of product features, price points, and pack size.

It enables you get your product launch right the first time, and respond quickly to the demanding marketplace by identifying products, services, and channels likely to maximize market share and long-term profitability. The solution offers the following business outcomes:

  • Higher success rates for new product launches and product enhancements, and improved ROI
  • Our clients have seen market share grow by 10% and revenues by 2%

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