Information Extraction

Today, businesses contend with growing volumes of information in various formats such as snail mail, emails, PDFs, and scanned images.  This information comes in various layouts either structured such as tweets or posts, or unstructured formats such as data sheets or documents.

TCS' Information Extraction solution makes it easy to update an enterprise’s systems with data coming in various formats. Its ‘thinking brain’ understands various formats and layouts to identify relevant information. Its ‘executing arm’ captures and updates this data in an enterprise’s system.




The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Robotic Process Automation is non-intrusive and requires no changes to underlying systems and processes. It is also non-personal – it emulates human actions, but is not bound to an individual's presence. Robotic Process Automation can be deployed across business processes, technologies, and lifecycles, with data security holistically orchestrated into the implementation process.


Key benefits we deliver include:

  • 100 percent accuracy
  • Up to 90 percent reduction in cycle time
  • Over 30 percent reduction in ‘run the business’ (RTB) costs

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