Document Formatting

Companies produce various documents – legal contracts, invoices, balance sheets, marketing collateral and regulatory reports, which need to comply with standard branding guidelines. Manual intervention in formatting these documents renders the process inefficient and cost intensive.

TCS’ Document Formatting solution automates branding and formatting of content to deliver highly efficient and cost-effective compliance. Its thinking brain reads pre-defined branding and formatting guidelines from the system, and its executing arm standardizes the required document based on these guidelines.




The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Robotic Process Automation is non-intrusive and requires no changes to underlying systems and processes. It is also non-personal – it emulates human actions, but is not bound to an individual's presence. Robotic Process Automation can be deployed across business processes, technologies, and lifecycles, with data security holistically orchestrated into the implementation process.


TCS’ Document Formatting solution delivers higher efficiencies through complete automation of the document formatting process. It eliminates the need for human intervention and provides 100 percent compliance to pre-defined branding guidelines.

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