Work Allocation

TCS’ Work Allocation solution delivers the required agility and flexibility in workflow management by automating job sequencing, work allocation, and output analysis –leading to improved operational performance. Its thinking brain determines the order and assignment of tasks to other robots based on their ability and utilization, and its executing arm allocates tasks based on the sequence decided. The Work Allocation solution also evaluates the output for accuracy and publishes a performance dashboard.



The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Robotic Process Automation is non-intrusive and requires no changes to underlying systems and processes. It is also non-personal – it emulates human actions, but is not bound to an individual's presence. Robotic Process Automation can be deployed across business processes, technologies, and lifecycles, with data security holistically orchestrated into the implementation process.


Key benefits we deliver include:

  • Completely automated management of workflow
  • 100 percent accuracy in work allocation
  • 100 percent compliance with standard workflow rules

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