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Yellow Pages Publishing Services

The rapidly evolving technological landscape has compelled Yellow Pages publishers to revisit their 'print-only' business models and replace them with an integrated print and digital approach. This has driven companies to seek partners who can manage their directory publishing needs effectively at reduced costs.

TCS’ Yellow Pages Publishing services with expertise in print graphics strengthens your print and internet advertising strategies, while our digital fulfillment services help manage your web presence. We create microsites for your small and mid-sized business (SMB) customers on our dedicated website publishing platform.

The TCS Advantage

ValueBPS: Our ValueBPS approach helps enterprises achieve significant and sustained business outcomes by leveraging our deep domain expertise and operations redesign methodologies such as FORE™. Our approach also encompasses robotic process automation (RPA), analytics and insights, our unique IT-BPS synergy, Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) models, and business process management (BPM).

Industry Domain Expertise: We serve the top three Yellow Pages publishers in the US; our services encompass end-to-end publication of Yellow Pages. Our large talent pool delivers services across five locations, with onsite support. We have expertise in Adobe® Creative Suite®, Salesforce®, and Amdocs applications, as well as core workflow and process applications.

Analytics and Insights: We provide predictive analysis, portfolio analysis, reporting and data management, and quality assurance. In addition to this, we offer risk analytics, marketing analytics, and operations analytics across our services. For instance, we help enhance your market presence and branding by leveraging web analytics.

BPaaS: Platform TCS Web Publishing Platform enables an integrated website creation process with responsive design, domain registration, cloud-based hosting, persuasive copy, and SEO, along with analytics-enabled web pages. It is equipped with effective features such as digital dashboards for a transparent view of website production, and workflow engines and toll-gate-based processes for timely, high quality output.

Solutions We Offer

Our services include:

  • Sales Order and Campaign
  • Account & Listing Management
  • Book Close
  • Print Graphics & Web Fulfillment
  • Page Production & Web Hosting

Solution Benefits

TCS helps you realize increased operational efficiencies through productivity gains and increased accuracy. We drive excellence and enable transformative business results:

  • Up to 55% reduction in turnaround time (TAT) through continuous improvement projects, with up to 70% reduction in TAT for sales order management
  • 100% accuracy in heading assignments 
  • Up to 70% reduction in cycle time of newsletter publishing through continuous improvement initiatives
  • Up to 55% cost savings with year-on-year productivity improvement
  • Over 60% savings in the budget for published errors through quality control measures

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