Anti-Money Laundering Services

Risk-proof your financial transactions while maintaining compliance, with TCS Anti-Money Laundering Services.

As electronic transactions increase, global financial institutions are attempting to enhance their anti-money laundering mechanisms with strict monitoring controls and improved detection of suspicious activity. Compliance to evolving regulations is mandatory, and skilled personnel are being employed for quicker risk identification and mitigation. Organizations also require an integrated customer view across business functions to track their activities better.

The TCS Advantage

ValueBPS: Our ValueBPS approach helps enterprises achieve significant and sustained business outcomes by leveraging our deep domain expertise and operations redesign methodologies such as FORE. Our approach also encompasses robotic process automation (RPA), analytics and insights, our unique IT-BPS synergy, Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) models, and business process management (BPM).

Delivery Excellence: Our experts are certified by the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), and have experience in multi-jurisdictional regulations. They are proficient in industry-leading platforms such as Mantas, Actimize, Norkom, and Statistical Analysis System (SAS), and tools such as Factiva, World-Check, and LexisNexis.

Analytics and Insights: Our analytics experts create custom scenarios which simulate anti-money laundering threats to test the alerts system developed.

Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) Platform: The TCS BaNCS product suite offers solutions for regulatory compliance, risk management, and financial fraud detection.

Solutions we offer

Tata Consultancy Services’ (TCS’) Anti-Money Laundering Services offer due diligence, transactional analysis, and reporting to align performance with evolving anti-money laundering regulations. Customers are thoroughly screened at the account opening stage and on a periodic basis. False positive and referral ratios are reviewed with a single consolidated view of customers.


  • By adopting TCS Anti-Money Laundering Services, banks and financial institutions can benefit from:
  • More than 20% improvement in alert reviews, leading to better compliance
  • Over 80% acceleration in turnaround time with automated transactions tracking
  • More than 70% productivity improvements, with process optimization
  • Over 30% lowering of remediation effort, with enhanced data management

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