Business Process Services

Benefits Administration Services

TCS can help businesses identify non-core but vital activities that can be effectively outsourced – including claims handling, agency management, customer relationship management (CRM), and policy servicing – which can in turn help firms concentrate on increasing market share and staying competitive.

Client Challenges

Generating a consistent and increasing rate of return in the face of the following:

  • Increasing regulations
  • Tighter margins
  • Rising management costs due to policy run-off in a closed book scenario

What TCS Provides

Leveraging TCS BaNCS Insurance, a comprehensive web-based application, TCS helps insurance companies maximize productivity by automating back-office processes throughout the complete lifecycle of a policy, resulting in less CRM paperwork, greater accuracy, and significant time savings. TCS BPS has developed capabilities to handle all key insurance functions, which include product definition, policy servicing, claims handling, agency management, and CRM. Customers can leverage the functionality of the IIMS® product suite while avoiding the need to expend on capital and recurring hardware and software costs.

Business Value

Through its Global Network Delivery Model™ and deep IT expertise, TCS helps insurance firms:

  • Streamline business operations
  • Achieve flexibility to accommodate changing business demands
  • Enhance customer responsiveness.

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