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Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing companies today are adopting technology to streamline their supply chains, drive improvements through better business insight, maximize performance of their manufacturing facilities and stay ahead of the innovation curve. As a partner, TCS can identify and implement strategies for achieving all of the above at optimal cost and in a streamlined manner.

Watch senior executives from Owens Corning discuss the successful partnership between Owens Corning and TCS, highlighting how TCS has improved the quality of delivery and business results at Owens Corning and why TCS is a partner of choice.


Client Challenges

  • Managing increasingly complex supply chains
  • Increasing productivity
  • Identifying cost-efficient ways to implement cutting-edge technology

What TCS Provides

TCS has been providing integrated solutions to the global manufacturing sector for over two decades. Leveraging its cross vertical domain experience, standardized processes and Global Network Delivery Model™, TCS offers a comprehensive set of Business Process Services to global manufacturing companies.

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The offerings include the following:

Business Value

TCS helps you incorporate process efficiencies, improve working capital and bring in cost efficiencies. It helps you connect supply chains to factory processes, reduce product development cycle times and improve product differentiation.

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