Digital technologies are fast disrupting business models and enterprises need to quickly evolve in order to stay relevant. Growth, profitability and customer satisfaction hinges on an enterprise's ability to convert data into actionable insights, simplify processes, and deliver superior customer experience. Additionally, CxOs are increasingly focused on achieving sustainable growth. The aim is to ensure top line growth with a balance on bottom line performance to deliver profitability and returns to shareholders.




The TCS Advantage

Our ValueBPS™ approach enables enterprises to stay ahead of the changing business landscape and achieve sustainable and profitable growth. We help you make better decisions by providing key insights based on business performance and market demands. We proactively partner with you to focus on key business priorities. This enables us to deliver superior business outcomes on significant metrics to help you stay relevant to your customers. We leverage our cross-domain expertise to create a 360 degree view of our customer’s ecosystem across industries. We deliver sustained business impact through our ValueBPS™ approach using levers of operations redesign, analytics and insights, RPA, BPaaS, IT-BPS synergy, and BPM.

Solutions We Offer

Our ValueBPS™ approach helps deliver significant impact by leveraging the following levers:

Operations redesign: Our operations redesign strategy encompasses governance, process, and knowledge management, and delivers enhanced agility while mitigating process risks and increasing transparency. We ensure continuous process improvement by deploying transformational solutions backed by FORE™ methodology and TRAPEZE™ suite of solution accelerators.

Analytics and Insights: Our analytics and insights services span the complete spectrum of consumer analytics, sales and marketing analytics, supply chain analytics, financial insights, and risk analytics. These support your organization’s decision making process. Additionally, we provide business insights in all our engagements to drive greater effectiveness.

Robotic Process Automation: Our RPA solution is a suite of self-learning, non-intrusive robots developed to address all possible business process scenarios. Clients across industries have increased productivity, accuracy, and compliance through our deployment of robot components that integrate domain-specific standards and compliance requirements.

BPaaS/Platforms: We deliver Business Process Services on applications hosted on our cloud to reduce the long-term total cost of ownership. Our platform services are customized for both industry-specific COGS functions and cross-industry SG&A functions.

Business Process Management (BPM): We leverage our expertise in Business Process Management (BPM) to increase visibility into processes and benchmark current performance against the industry-best. This approach helps us deploy the right set of tools to quickly address the gaps in performance and enhance the maturity of business processes. Our BPM initiatives deliver the required agility and flexibility to gain competitive advantage. 

IT-BPS Synergy: Over 40 years of experience in delivering IT solutions to global organizations gives us an in-depth understanding of industry-specific technology needs. This enables us to identify the right mix of technology solutions that can complement business processes to enhance the efficacy of expected outcomes.


Our ValueBPS™ approach aligns strategic objectives with key business metrics. This helps us deliver on strategic business outcomes to drive best-in-class results such as lower cost-to-serve, improved cash flow, and faster time-to-market.

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