Business Process Services

TCS helps BICS keep pace with its exponential growth and drive better results

Belgacom International Carrier Services (BICS) is a leading international provider of value-added services to telecommunication service providers across the world. A joint venture between Belgacom, Swisscom and MTN, BICS delivers best-in-class global solutions for voice, messaging, roaming, connectivity and mobile financial services to its global clients and is a market leader in internet voice and mobile data services.




In this video, Pierre Andre Rulmont, Chief Technology Officer, BICS, and Ronald M J Ballet, Director, IT and Offshoring, BICS, talk about TCS’ capabilities, expertise and the result-oriented mindset that have helped BICS drive better results and add more value to their services.

The Partnership Story

In the last decade, BICS has seen a exponential growth in the volume of traffic on their platform and has launched a number of new products. The company chose TCS as a strategic partner to help manage its platform in terms of scalability and IT / process infrastructure to keep pace with its growth.

TCS’ domain expertise, process efficiency and an energetic team have enabled BICS to ramp up its capabilities, realign its processes to maximize resource optimization and focus on core areas to deliver better services to their clients.

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