Business Process Services

TCS helps SuperMedia optimize processes and improve sales staff satisfaction

TCS, through its continual improvement and transformation initiative, streamlined and enhanced SuperMedia’s sales order management process to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

The Customer: SuperMedia Inc. is a yellow pages directory publisher in the US. It serves as the advertising agency for small to medium-sized businesses and provides a variety of advertising solutions.

Business Context

  • The existing system of work distribution for the sales order process was manual, with no mechanism available to predict the earliest completion time.
  • Documents received from the sales staff during the last two days of the pay period cycle were pushed to the next payment cycle, resulting in a 14-day delay in sales compensation payout.
  • Occasionally, resolutions to queried transactions were unattended in the ongoing payout cycle.

TCS’ Solution

  • The work allocation was automated and distributed as per priority and associate competency and availability.
  • Real time display using TCS’ proprietary tool, ePMO, enabled floor supervisors to predict the completion time and plan ahead.
  • Operational shifts were realigned and IT systems made available to accommodate late materials.


  • A 20% increase in the volumes processed during the last two days of the pay period cycle
  • Improved process efficiency by 5%
  • Enhanced process capability
  • A 60% reduction in sales escalations

Client Testimonial

"The work done by TCS has had a significant impact to our company’s ability to meet the needs of our sales organization. Sales reps are no longer concerned their paperwork will not make the pay period for compensation and our pay period closures have been smooth and stress free. Selecting TCS as our offshore partners has been a true asset to our process."
- Publishing East SuperMedia LLC, Pamela Smith, Area Director  

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