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TCS helps Nationstar Mortgage increase its mortgage servicing portfolio with certainty

In this video Jay Bray, Chief Executive Officer, Nationstar Mortgage describes how they achieved business efficiency and effectiveness in their partnership with TCS.




About the Customer
Nationstar Mortgage is one of United States' leading mortgage servicers and lenders offering servicing, origination and real estate services to financial institutions and consumers.

Experience Results
Jay Bray mentions that TCS has helped them increase their loan origination figures from USD 2 billion in the 2nd quarter of 2012, to USD 8 billion in the 2nd quarter of 2013.

Experience Partnership
“I can say with a high degree of confidence we have certainly experienced certainty in our engagements and in our partnership with TCS” says Jay Bray.

Experience Leadership
Jay Bray believes that without their engagement with TCS, Nationstar Mortgage wouldn’t have become the sixth largest servicer in the US.

"One thing that's clear is that we picked the right partner. If you look at from a leadership standpoint, from a partnership standpoint, from a certainty of execution standpoint, TCS has delivered."

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