Strengthening Business Operations with the Digital Five Forces

The Digital Five Forces are making a significant impact on business operations, opening up opportunities for creating more value. By adopting and adapting these evolving technologies, enterprises can stay relevant to the end customer needs.

The Digital Five Forces ― social media, analytics, mobility, robotics, and cloud computing ― are making an unprecedented impact on both business operations and our daily lives. The new, technology-driven business ecosystem is marked by growing volumes of data, more informed and connected customers, as well as increased mobility and automation. This has led to the simplification, rationalization, and standardization of processes for improving efficiency, accelerating revenue growth, and deepening customer engagement.

This paper examines the role of the Digital Five Forces in moving business operations up the value chain. In addition to outlining the operational advantages of embracing these technologies, the paper also highlights the importance of aligning people, processes, and technology with operational objectives to strengthen business outcomes.

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