How to Join


Application and Interview Process @ TCS

Identify the TCS events at your school through our Recruitment Calendar.
If TCS is scheduled be at your school, attend the on-campus events such as career fairs and presentations so that we can get to know each other.  

Submit your Resume 


If you are a student at one of the schools or universities where we conduct campus recruiting, apply directly to one of our positions on your school’s Career Services Website. Please be sure to include, along with your resume, a copy of your Unofficial Transcript when you apply.

If we are not recruiting at your school, please apply here.

We plan to meet and interact with students at career fairs and select students for on-campus interviews, which will usually take place on the next business day.






We may also host additional corporate-sponsored events this year, followed by on-campus interviews the next day. Check the website regularly to learn when TCS will be visiting your campus.

Interview with TCS   

The Campus HR and Technical Interviews

The TCS On-Campus Interview consists of two main elements within the same interview session. The first is an HR Interview which may focus on your communication skills, self-management skills and background, which will be assessed using behavioral questions. The second is a Technical Interview which will assess your technical capabilities based upon the skills listed on your resume and the technologies in use at our accounts.  The On-Campus Interview usually takes approximately 45 minutes.

The Phone Interview

If we are not coming to your school this year, we will find your application online. If you are a qualified candidate, we will set up a mutually-convenient date and time for your phone interview. You will be scheduled for two interviews. Your first interview will be with a representative from HR, who will assess your communication skills, self-management skills and background by asking behavioral questions. The second interview will be with a Technical Associate who will assess your technical capabilities based upon the skills listed on your resume and the technologies in use at our accounts.

Get an Employment Offer

Offers will be extended shortly after the On-Campus or Technical phone interview. First, your campus recruiter will extend an offer to you on the phone. Within one week of the verbal offer, you will receive the offer in writing. You will be given time to review it, weigh your options and discuss the offer with the important people in your life.

Stay Connected with TCS

Campus candidates who have been offered positions at TCS will be invited to attend Offer Candidate Webinars. These sessions will include members of the Campus Recruitment Team and provide additional, detailed information about the company, the training programs we offer, and the next steps in the Offer Process. This is an opportunity for potential new hires to further connect with the Campus Recruitment Team and address any questions or concerns. 

In addition, candidates who accept our offer will be invited to attend New Hire Welcome Webinars with the accounts to which they have been assigned.  These will be hosted by the project teams and include information about the Client Site location, TCS’ history with the client, current projects, organizational structure, managerial expectations, what to expect on your first day, etc.