• Read the CEO Point of View
    • 10 key findings
    • The state of adoption of cloud applications
    • Why companies are using cloud applications
    • The benefits that companies have gained from cloud applications
    • Which business functions are using the most cloud applications
    • The most and least popular cloud applications
    • Differences in cloud adoption across global industries
    • Differences in cloud benefits by region of world
    • Willingness of companies to use public vs private clouds
    • Key success factors in capitalizing on the cloud
    • What companies look for in cloud vendors
  • Benefit from Scalability, Responsiveness and Cost-Efficiency
The State of Cloud Application Adoption in Large Enterprises
While numerous studies have been published on cloud computing, none have explored in depth how various business functions use cloud applications. In late 2011, TCS conducted an extensive study on how 600+ large companies from the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific use applications in the “cloud.” Through our research, we learn what drives companies to shift or place new applications in the cloud, the benefits and competitive advantages they derive, and the challenges they tackle while adopting cloud applications. In this report, we share the 10 key findings, statistics and stories.