Business Design and Improvement

Guide your enterprise effectively through business change with TCS' Business Design and Improvement services

The Business Design and Improvement group of offerings determine and define business capabilities and changes needed across processes, information, organization structures, and technology through the use of business architecture, operating models and business process improvement & business process management techniques.

The TCS Advantage | Services We Offer | Benefits 

The TCS Advantage

TCS  has been consistently delivering value to our clients through our strong industry insight combined with our frameworks, methodologies,  solution accelerators and industry alliances which enable clients to integrate the advantages of business design and improvement  with their larger, strategic business goals.

Services We Offer

Our core service offerings include the following:

  • Business Architecture: We use a number of rigorous and comprehensive models to capture what the enterprise does (capabilities), how it executes (it’s operating model and business processes), what it uses to execute (resources and information) and who in the enterprise is responsible (organization). Our service describes the enterprise, defines the scope and articulates the impact of any change, facilitates roadmap development, and evaluates and prioritizes programs.

     Key Services include the following:

    • Current and target Business Architecture Definition
    • Definition of Business Operating Model
    • Change Portfolio Design
    • Business Architecture Function Setup
  • Business Process Management & Improvement: Business process management and Improvement (BPM & I) is a systematic approach to help an organization design, optimize and manage its underlying business processes for better business performance outcomes and operational agility. We use a systematic approach to continuously improve business process effectiveness and efficiency while balancing the demand for innovation, flexibility and integration with technology.

    We enable business change through targeted interventions of process transformation with specific focus of efficiency, productivity, cost, agility, integration and standardization. We provide BPM (business process management) services that aid an ongoing organization model to establish governance, align processes with strategic intent and allow for continuous process improvement via a Centre of Excellence (COE). 

     Key services include the following:

    • Business process discovery/design
    • Business process management
    • Business process improvement
  • Information Strategy & Architecture: Our service develops a holistic view about the prevailing state of information management within an organization. We help define information management programs and design enterprise information architecture for simplified discovery, exchange and standardization.

     Key Services include the following:

    • Information Strategy
    • Information Architecture
    • Information Management
  • Executive Facilitation: We provide our clients with a facilitated platform for business ideation, problem solving, key business decision making, creativity, leadership alignment and horizon planning, specifically in context of ’strategic planning‘ or ‘Business Architecture’ or ‘Architecture driven transformation programs.’  

Solution Benefits

Our business design and improvement offerings are designed to help you build scalable and best-in-class business capabilities to help you: 

  • Respond better to changes across the business ecosystem
  • Improve alignment between strategy and execution
  • Guide investments in business relevant technology platforms and solutions
  • Manage and improve operational business processes
  • Organize information for better discovery, authenticity and usefulness