Ideation Factory

Jumpstart your innovation journey by ‘stoking your ideation engine’ and bringing rigor to the management of your innovation pipeline with TCS' Ideation Factory.

Innovation is key to remaining market relevant and fiscally viable in a rapidly changing environment with ever lowering competitive boundaries for business disruption. However many organizations struggle to systematically and continuously ideate, experiment, and monetize new products or services, business models, customer experiences and business processes with creativity, speed, and efficiency.

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Ideation Factory offers ‘ideation management as a service’ to establish the foundational capability you need to spark innovation across your enterprise. Our Ideation Factory supplies best practice-trained specialists enabled by a leading innovation management platform to jumpstart your organization’s innovation journey or supplement your existing innovation capabilities. We work with your employees and other stakeholders across your innovation ecosystem to share new insights and ideas, co-create innovative concepts, and identify the best for monetization potential.

Services we Offer 

TCS’ Ideation Factory tunes your ideation engine and brings rigor to the management of your pipeline of ideas and portfolio of innovation projects to maximize business outcomes and optimize innovation investment.

We can help your organization quickly and effectively establish ideation management as a service to be shared across the enterprise. You can use this to launch innovation crowdsourcing campaigns, run ideation acceleration workshops and conduct innovation scouting to address the challenges facing your business. The result is meaningful value for your customers, shareholders, employees, and partners.

We enable your enterprise to:

  • Quickly establish the foundational elements for your own high-performing innovation program
  • Experience the value of employing best practice ideation and innovation portfolio management techniques before fully investing in building your own capability
  • Leverage Brightidea, a leading innovation management platform designed for massive flexibility and configurability with learning from 15 years of collaborative innovation built into it.

Solution Benefits

TCS’ Ideation Factory combines our innovation management consulting capabilities and practical experience as a recognized innovator together with the end-to-end innovation lifecycle management enablers of Brightidea to increase innovation-driven business outcomes.

TCS’ Ideation Factory provides best practice capabilities at the flip of a switch to: 

  • Increase the volume of new insights and novel ideas generated by your organization and larger innovation ecosystem
  • Identify the better ideas to convert into great concepts through experimentation
  • Co-create concepts delivering meaningful value from the useful insights and compelling ideas harnessed
  • Foster a culture of innovation by creating a vibrant working environment where every employee and stakeholder believes their ideas and capabilities can impact the business, thereby helping to retain your 'natural entrepreneurs' and maximizing 'return on talent'

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