Merger & Acquisition Services

Accelerate merger & acquisition integration to ensure your acquisition strategy creates maximum value.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) allow companies to quickly achieve scale and broaden their portfolio of products and services. It is one route to increase market share, enter new markets and divest to focus on core activities. Managing a merger & acquisition integration is a time-intensive process which enables the formerly independent companies to work as a single unified enterprise.

The success of any M&A depends upon clearly identifying the necessary scope of work to execute, ability to manage risk and to deliver on the business objectives that initiated the deal.

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ merger & acquisition integration approach helps you successfully realize merger & acquisition integration synergies with minimal risk to existing operations and at optimal cost. Our tools, frameworks and methodologies facilitate rationalization of applications and infrastructure, and help identify and manage risk. We use our Merger & Acquisition Integration (PMI) framework to consider the risks and complexities associated with merger scenarios. You can streamline business models, and associated IT and operational capabilities, to build a unified enterprise.

Solutions we Offer

Our solutions focus on delivering maximum shareholder value from M&A deals. The key solutions components include:

  • Integration strategy & planning
  • Program/Project Office Design, Plan, Execute, Implement and Run
  • Integration of multiple vendor work streams
  • Change management (business, operations & technology) and synergy realization
  • Technology & operation target operating models design & implementation

Our services enable core business functions, processes and technology infrastructure to be integrated seamlessly. We help you manage issues around people and culture. By managing the complexity and risk associated with M&A Integration and Organization transformation, we ensure control over cost and timelines, so you can prevent negative impact on operations and customers.

Our flexible engagement models, competitive pricing and ability to deploy resources at short notice with our GNDM TM mean your program can be executed with agility.

Solution Benefits

The combination of our proven management consulting capabilities and experience across multiple industry sectors means you will maximize and accelerate benefits from your mergers and acquisitions. In addition, your enterprise will:

  • Reduce business risk and minimize impact on day-to-day operations
  • Identify and address potential integration issues and conflicts
  • Reduce integration costs
  • Improve executive capacity to focus on business operations

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