Performance Diagnostics

Optimize application performance and increase cost savings with TCS’ Performance Diagnostics -TierPulseTM methodology.

An enterprise environment often has under-performing applications, which are detrimental to business performance and credibility. Such applications should be addressed with quick-fix solutions coupled with long term fixes, to correct the root causes of these problems.

TCS’ Performance Diagnostics Services diagnose performance problems and provide short- and long-term solutions, with the help of our proprietary TierPulseTM methodology.

The TCS Advantage | Services We Offer | Benefits 

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Performance Diagnostics consultants have experience in performance diagnosis of over 1000 applications and are specialized in market-leading performance diagnosis tools.

With us, you will achieve end-to-end performance diagnosis - involving end-users, application and infrastructure.

Services We Offer

Low performing applications and under/over utilization of the infrastructure in an organization results in under performing applications resulting in higher TCO.

We ensure that your business applications meet the defined service level agreements by ongoing performance diagnostics. We help you define strategy to monitor the performance of your business-critical applications / IT resources and ensure prompt problem detection, analysis and resolution.

Our focus areas include diagnosing the system / sub-system software and application software, including third-party tools.

Our Performance Diagnostics services address your performance problems through the following:

  • Review of the application architecture and design: We ensure that the application architecture and design does not have any impact on application performance and scalability.
  • Application code review: We review the application code to identify poor performing code snippets as well as ensure that the best practices are followed to meet the performance requirements.
  • Quick fix solutions resulting in immediate performance improvements: We review the configuration of different application components and ensure that they are configured for better performance. If not, we suggest improvements /changes, which can be implemented quickly for performance improvement.
  • Long-term fixes that help address the root cause of the problem: These might be changes to design/ architecture/ application codes, which will need longer time to implement. 

This results in better performing applications that enable higher customer acquisition and retention at a business level. This also helps you save costs and generate revenue, based on better applications.

Solution Benefits

  • Monetary savings via optimization and tuning
  • High performing, scalable and available applications
  • Improved return on investment and reduction in customer complaints
  • Fix for the root cause of the performance problem
  • Minimized business loss

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