Prototyping & Simulation Factory

Increase innovation investment certainty with rapid, iterative experimentation as a service, through TCS Prototyping & Simulation Factory.

Organizations worldwide have acknowledged the importance of innovation to their success.  Realizing the benefits of innovation requires a systematic approach to not only generating novel ideas but converting them to meaningful business value. Many organizations can generate innovative ideas, but most are not equipped to conduct the Lean Startup-style experimentation that turns ideas into business value. They struggle to rapidly isolate and test the critical hypotheses underlying the expected outcomes for their innovative business concepts relative to growth and value.

The TCS Advantage

  • Leverages the insights and capabilities of TCS, which has been recognized by Forbes in 2013 and 2014 as one of the top global innovators
  • Adapts TCS’ best-in-class digital technology development and lean/agile capabilities for rapid and effective prototype creation
  • Builds on TCS’ strong knowledge of its clients as well as the larger business and IT landscape to uncover and help mitigate the greatest drivers of an innovative concept’s uncertainty
  • Demonstrates that TCS practices what it preaches about Open Innovation by integrating the knowledge and assets of thought-leading practitioners and consultants in the innovation space
  • Smoothly transitions ‘fully tested’ innovative concepts to TCS’ delivery centers for production-ready development and implementation, if the client so desires

Solutions we Offer

TCS Prototyping & Simulation Factory provides Lean Startup-style experimentation as a service, which allows clients to test the potential of their innovative ideas by turning hypotheses into facts and thereby weeding out the bad ideas and turning the good ideas into great innovations. The Prototyping & Simulation Factory rapidly and iteratively creates the necessary solution prototypes and conducts the ‘thought experiments’ needed to simulate outcomes from the perspectives of customers, competitors, and partners. This gives you the information required to effectively evaluate an idea’s customer attractiveness, market viability, and technical feasibility, as well as efficiently optimize overall innovation portfolio returns.

Solution Benefits

By employing TCS’ Prototyping & Simulation Factory, you can increase the quality and speed of decision-making input along the innovation lifecycle and thereby improve the probability of achieving the outcomes expected from your new and novel ideas. This helps you achieve:

  • Revenue growth due to better products, services and customer experiences
  • Increased profitability due to the most favorable business models, the right re-imagined business processes and more cost-effective innovation commercialization approaches
  • Greater shareholder value creation due to innovation investment optimization

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