Service Integration and Management

Maximize business value through innovative, predictable and flexible delivery of end-to-end services with strong governance and collaboration, by leveraging TCS’ Service Integration and Management solution

Organizations can overcome the pitfalls of best-of-breed sourcing and monolithic single supplier deals by shifting to an integrated multi-supplier eco-system. The challenge is to ensure consistent service quality and deliver beyond promised outcomes to the business.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) involves the coordination of people, processes, tools and technology, data, and governance across suppliers (including cloud service providers) to ensure effective and efficient service delivery to the business and the end-user.

The TCS Advantage | Services We Offer | Benefits 

The TCS Advantage

With its industry wide experience, rich consultant base, and active participation in industry forums and standard bodies, TCS is a leading authority on SIAM.

Our Service Integration Framework© helps deliver a comprehensive, scalable, and flexible solution that forges collaboration across suppliers, enabling you to achieve your business outcomes. Our strategic alliances with leading SIAM tools providers (including Service Now, BMC, and HP) as well as the comprehensive TCS Cloud Plus suite of products enable optimal automation.

TCS’ Service Integration Framework©

TCS’ Service Integration Framework© supports a comprehensive SIAM function to manage end-to-end service needs, balancing the conflicting needs of cost-effective governance and improved end-user experience.

Built on TCS’ Global Network Delivery Model™ (GNDM™), the TCS Service Integration Framework©  brings together our experience in service management consulting, application management, infrastructure services, program management, and supplier management to create a comprehensive framework that can be tailored to the needs of a specific client.

The framework comprises:

  • Service Management: Ensures end-to-end service, monitors cross-supplier performance, and manages transition to achieve seamless delivery of services, thereby enabling you to bring IT closer to the business
  • Vendor Management: Optimizes vendor performance through a managed supplier base and rigorous supplier performance review
  • Transformation Management: Helps you design and implement the target enterprise architecture; drives innovation, continual service improvement, and organizational change management to help achieve your strategic objectives
  • Program Management: Drives planning and governance for projects and programs to deliver the intended benefits
  • Risk and Compliance Management: Helps you manage business and environmental risks and drive compliance in line with changing business and market needs
  • Service Integration Governance: Ensures complete accountability for services with a strong governance layer and a consistent single source of data on the performance of the entire service delivery ecosystem

Services We Offer

TCS offers comprehensive services to help our customers implement the most effective and efficient SIAM function to meet their business needs.

  • Advisory Services:
    • Determine if SIAM is the right solution for you and build a roadmap for long-term SIAM success
    • Recommend an optimal sourcing model (that is, retained IT or existing service tower provider or an independent SIAM provider)
    • Perform organizational design across the retained organization and SIAM provider
    • Institute governance mechanisms to promote supplier performance
    • Design and implement lean, effective processes and cross-supplier workflows
    • Enhance skills and capabilities for the retained organization

  • Implementation Services:
    • Build, operate, and transform the SIAM function to drive effective collaboration and governance across the organization
    • Implement the TCS Service Integration Framework© with robust tools infrastructure
    • Drive your transformation agenda by leveraging the supplier base and enabling business agility

  • Automation Services:
    • Reaffirm your automation needs for effective integration and formulate an optimal automation tool set
    • Define and drive deployment of the automation roadmap

Solution Benefits

We will help you ensure service improvements and transformations aligned to your enterprise strategy, resulting in improved stakeholder satisfaction, through:

  • Improved predictability and service availability through effective communication across suppliers, agreed processes, defined roles and responsibilities, and SLAs tightly linked with supplier OLAs
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness aided by measures like an integrated service desk and support, uniform and standardized processes and policies, and proactive analysis of incidents
  • Robust governance and control through well-defined roles and responsibilities, structured governance forums, integrated end-to-end reporting, and fact-based comparison and control of suppliers
  • Effective risk tracking and monitoring across suppliers through governance forums, leading to a reduction in penalties and enhancement in brand value
  • Aligned Business IT streams by monitoring and reporting business relevant SLAs

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