Data Center Consolidation

Optimize costs and manage long-term investments in data centers with TCS’ Data Center Optimization Services.

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The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Data Center Consolidation Services help you manage your data center footprint efficiently and reduce operating costs and complexities. Our focus is directly on areas where technology supplies directly to business demands. Our data center consolidation framework has helped customers optimize their operations globally and reduce costs.

Our services focus on assessing the current state of the data center, building a case for consolidation on the basis of client business direction and design, and planning the migration to target state with a viability assessment.

Services We Offer

Our clients constantly face the challenge of managing their data center investments efficiently and reducing operating costs and complexities. Their additional challenges include the following:

  • Increased data center complexity as business demands grow
  • Integration of multiple systems during M&A, business consolidation, geographic spread, etc.
  • Advent of virtualization and cloud computing
  • Capacity shortfall with increasing needs for data storage and access 

We also build, test and commission services for the target data center landscape and mange the migration. This ensures that you work with our team through the entire process of consolidating your data center and clearly define your business requirements around data center management. 

This helps you with the following: 

  • Target infrastructure architecture to build an agile, responsive, cost effective and automated set up
  • Business continuity and high availability of the data center for uninterrupted business processes
  • Secure, load-balanced and available deployment of the application
  • Alignment with regulatory compliance requirements including data security and integrity
  • Service level alignment, meeting high uptimes and a low TCO

Solution Benefits

  • Green IT toward sustainability, with overall reduced energy consumption
  • Streamlined IT investments for more efficient platforms and technologies
  • High availability of data center and improved performance for uninterrupted business processes
  • Lower TCO in long-term investments

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