IT Service Excellence

Streamline your IT transformation and enhance service delivery with TCS’ IT Service Excellence

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The TCS Advantage

The ever-changing market dynamics and economic pressures have compelled organizations to reduce the cost of operations and time-to-market while maintaining service quality, improving business and increasing customer satisfaction.

We help you addresses these challenges through our IT Service Excellence Consulting Services and help you with the following:

  • Create value for your customers by understanding their business and IT service requirements and delivering a fit-for-purpose service model
  • Streamline IT services to bring in efficiency and productivity, while reducing risks, complexities and the cost of service delivery

Services We Offer

TCS’ IT Service Excellence offering is a collection of independent and stand-alone services:

  • Service Integration:
    • Design and deliver a scalable service model
    • Manage and align multiple service towers and vendors to deliver services that meet business needs
    • Manage risk and complexity in multi-vendor environments with standardization, measurement and high governance mechanisms
  • Service Transformation Leadership:
    • Strategize, plan and manage your transformation program
    • Engage, empower, enable people to transform and deliver optimal levels of customer service
  • Service Improvement:
    • Evaluate the current state and identify the gaps (people, process and tools)
    • Plan, deliver and measure the improvements, leveraging best practices from Lean, ITIL, etc.
    • Integrate process and tools for service efficiency
    • Create a culture of continual improvement to sustain service excellence
  • Transition Management:
    • Facilitate and govern the effective transition of knowledge and services from an incumbent to a successor
    • Conduct audits / service standardization and compliance
    • Deliver model-based standardization / compliance (ISO20000, CMMI-SVC, ITIL) 

Solution Benefits

TCS’ IT Service Excellence focuses on improving and transforming your IT services to achieve a significant reduction in your IT maintenance budget. You can redeploy these savings for innovation and improved business – IT alignment.

  • Improve service quality, resulting in increased customer satisfaction levels
  • Improve the customers’ perception as a responsive and proactive service
  • Increase the collaboration between vendors working in a common service chain
  • Increase the transparency of services through defined and standardized metrics
  • Move from a people-dependent to process-dependent organization through knowledge management and delineated responsibilities

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